We are building the next generation of real-time lacrosse analytics, pattern of life, and behavioral analytics.

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How it works.

We go beyond the highlight reel and the stat line. Every player’s action is an important data point. We combine our IOT embedded lacrosse sticks and gear with external condition data and partner APIs.

With our advanced ML/AI analytics we produce pattern-of-life and behavioral analytics for each player to provide efficiency ratings and predictive analysis.

Our data consumers can receive data to improve their focus such as recruiting, coaching, augmented reality, sports betting, broadcast, and even video games.

We know you when you’re sleeping.

The data starts with you, the athlete. Your data is what drives improving teams, recruiting, broadcast, and spectator engagement.

Your activity and our analytics let everyone get to know the real you. We see you and so will everyone else.

We know when you’re awake.

Did the beast awaken in you in your game? We will know about it and capture those moments. Argos lives beyond the highlight reel and stat line.

Each shot, movement, and activity is captured and analyzed to show you in your best moments. Even at your worst, we are looking at your data to help you step it up.

We know if you’ve been bad or good.

Sometimes you will hit a slump and that’s okay. With external condition data, we are able to see what may have caused you to dip.

Our external partners and your input data will help mold and shape the output of how you can use that data to improve or how other data consumers can help shift the tide in their game or engagement.

Be good for goodness sake.

Argos knows you at your best and your worst. With Argos you are on the move and we are right there with you.

We see you on defense, on offense, or each practice session you bring us to.

Take your game to new heights with your data.

We are currently building our MVP and are looking for early adopters and testers. Join the front lines of bringing enhanced real time data analytics to the growing enterprise and sport of lacrosse.

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The Team

With a lifetime of background in experience in Cyber Security, Department of Defense, Deployed OEF/IEF US Navy Veteran, sports, data analytics, startups, and more we are starting the movement in changing the way we look at lacrosse.


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